Both of the following may incur a $45 diagnosis charge:

  • Electrical diagnosis
  • Code Reading



Please call for a quote on servicing or flushing your vehicles transmission, transfer case, and/or differentials.




Towing - Depending on the nature of the repair needed, we can offer towing at either no charge or at a reduced cost to you.  Call with your specific details and ask us if you qualify for free or reduced towing!





Estimates and consultations are free!









We specialize in the diagnosis and installation of:

  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Standard (Manual) Transmissions
  • Driveshafts, axles, and u-joints
  • Transfer Cases
  • Differentials
  • Clutches

There is no charge to diagnose vibrations, leaks, or noises. However, be aware that it does require man power and possibly the use of a hoist. Please make the necessary arrangements to be able to leave your vehicle with us for a few hours. This will allow us the time needed to properly diagnose your vehicle while still taking care of our previously scheduled customers as well.